It appears that Microsoft is working on a new feature for Windows called Follow Me which is going to make navigation easier. The feature is going to use the Cortana personal digital assistant for guided navigation. A short video has been posted online today highlighting this feature. What it does is guide the user with visual prompts on the screen in conjunction with the Cortana voice assistant.


Twitter user WalkingCat, who is usually right about his Windows-related scoops, has posted this video on Twitter showing off the new Follow Me feature.

The example in the video shows how Cortana will use prompts to guide a user who wants to connect a Bluetooth device to the PC. The prompts include a blue circle that highlights which menus the user has to click to open the appropriate settings menu. The user will be able to exit the guided navigation interface at any point in time, they simply need to press the ESC key to exit.

This appears to be a natural progression of a Cortana feature that Microsoft demonstrated earlier this year, it involved using Cortana to set up a new PC using nothing but voice commands.

It’s unclear when this feature is going to be rolled out for Windows 10-powered PCs. Given that the Fall Creators Update is going to be released next week, it’s likely that this feature will be included in the upcoming release.

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