There are several common-sense steps that everyone should take in order to keep safe online. However, there are some people who can be at risk of being targeted online specifically. To help them prevent such attacks, Google is now offering a new feature called Advanced Protection. The feature will aid them in protecting themselves against accidental sharing, phishing, and fraudulent access to their accounts. It’s great for human rights workers, journalists, activists, and more.


The Advanced Protection feature will rely on Security Keys. These are small wireless devices or USBs that are needed to sign into accounts. They are said to be the most secure version of two-step verification as they need digital signatures and public key cryptography to confirm identity. An attacker who doesn’t have the Security Key is blocked automatically even if they have the user’s password.

Those who sign up for this program will also have to go through extra steps during the account recovery process. The steps will include additional questions and requests about why they have lost access to their account. It can also automatically limit full access to Gmail and Google Drive for certain apps. This will help prevent accidental sharing.

Any and all users with a personal Google Account can sign up for Advanced protection starting today.

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