One of the key new features of iOS 11 is the introduction of the “Files” app. This app finally brings about a way for iOS users to better manage their files on their device, whether it be stored in iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive, all within one place as opposed to having to juggle multiple apps.

While not 100% exactly like how Android or Windows Explorer would handle files, we guess it comes pretty close. However when the app was launched, there were some issues with Google Drive, namely how Google Drive appeared to hijack the file opening duties on iOS devices, which clearly would be annoying if you wanted to use a different app. However the good news is that Google appears to have addressed it in an update.

With the latest update, the hijacking should no longer take place and users can now view documents like Word files and more within the Files app and iCloud drive, without Google Drive taking over. The update will bump the app version to 4.2017.37510 and if you have the version already installed, then you have the latest update.

If you don’t then head on over to the iTunes App Store where you can download the latest  version of Google Drive that should address the issue.

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