A couple of days ago, HMD Global stated that they do not have plans to unlock the bootloader of their Nokia handsets. The company cited security reasons, which was fair, but given that Android is about modding and being able to customize a phone up to one’s heart’s content, safe to say that there were some who were disappointed by the company’s decision.

However it seems that HMD might have since had a change of heart. In a recent tweet in response to Nokiapoweruser, HMD’s Chief Technology Officer Mikko Jaakkola said that they will be unlocking devices, although it seems that this will be done one at a time and he also asked which devices users would like to see first.

It is unclear which device will be the first, but judging by the tweets sent in response, many seem to think that the Nokia 6 should be the first as it is the first Nokia Android handset launched under HMD’s banner. Some are also calling for the Nokia 8 to be unlocked given its flagship status, and there are also some who say that HMD probably shouldn’t bother with the low-end devices and just focus on the higher-end handsets.

No word on when the bootloaders will be unlocked or which phone will be first, but either way it sounds like pretty good news.

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