You might not be aware but Netflix allows subscribers to rent actual DVDs and Blu-rays. It has offered subscribers this service for quite some time now and the company has also developed an app that helps them manage their DVD queue. This part of the company’s business is surprisingly still profitable. Surprising because most of us don’t use DVDs anymore to watch content. More than four million people still use this service. The DVD queue management app that was launched earlier this year for iOS has now been released for iOS.

Netflix’s new Android app can now be used by subscribers to manage their DVD queue. They can use the app to browse thousands of movies and TV shows that they can order in disc format. The app is also going to provide them with recommendations based on what they’re ordered in the past.

The DVD Netflix app enables users to browse the catalog by genre and mood as well. Users can search by actor, channel, and more. They can then pick the movies and TV shows that they want to watch and build their queue. Netflix will send out their discs with free shipping both to and from the subscriber.

Users will receive a notification when a new DVD or Blu-ray is shipped and they will be able to keep it for as long as they like without incurring any late fees. Netflix charges $4.99 per month for its DVD service.

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