Pandora today announced that it’s launching over 250 Featured Playlists on its premium tier to help users find the perfect music for any mood. The playlists are “hand-picked” by expert curators, according to Pandora. The playlists are also sorted by themes that include moods, genres, and “cultural moments.” If it feels like you’ve heard all of this before, that’s because Pandora’s new Featured Playlists seem to be inspired by a similar feature that Spotify offers.

Pandora says that some of the Featured Playlists are also going to have a companion radio station that users on the ad-supported tier can listen to. The Playlists can be found in the Browse module of the Pandora app. Users will also find personalized recommendations for the playlists based on their listening history.

Spotify already offers its subscribers a wide selection of playlists that are refreshed and updated frequently by curators. It’s a feature that’s much loved by Spotify’s users. It’s not surprising to see that Pandora wants some of that success for its streaming service as well.

Pandora users who subscribe to the premium tier can fire up the app on their handsets right away and get access to the curated playlists. There are quite a few of them so there’s definitely going to be something to suit every taste.

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