One of the upsides of phones that feature dual cameras, like the iPhone 7 Plus, is that it allows handset makers such as Apple to mimic the effects of a DSLR camera with a bokeh-like effect, which for those unfamiliar is where the foreground and background are separated from each other with a blurry effect.

However interestingly enough despite featuring just one camera on the Pixel 2, Google has managed to achieve a similar effect. This has led to some Samsung users wondering if maybe that effect could also be brought onto devices like the Galaxy S8, and the good news is that it sounds like Samsung is working to make that a reality.

In an email sent to a customer, the customer service rep was quoted as saying that at this point there is nothing to share, but he/she hopes that the portrait mode feature will arrive with the next software update. It is possible that the rep misspoke and that there is no such feature in the works, but if there wasn’t then the rep would have said just that, right?

Either way we suppose if it is true then it is good news for Samsung users, but until we can get further confirmation from Samsung themselves, do take it with a grain of salt for now and maybe try not to get your hopes up just yet.

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