Tesla today announced that it’s voluntarily recalling 11,000 Model X crossovers worldwide due to seat cables that could potentially break during a crash. The cables might prevent the rear row of seats from locking into place if there’s a crash. The recall covers Model X units built with fold-flat second row seats.

Tesla has said that this recall only affects units that were produced between October 28th, 2016 to August 16th, 2017. The company also added that it believes only three percent of the vehicles that have been recalled are actually affected by this issue but go through with the recall out of an abundance of caution.

A spokesperson for the company has also confirmed that it has received no reports of any accidents or injuries being caused by this issue. Tesla discovered the issue with the seat cables during internal testing, if the cables fail to lock properly, the row of seats could potentially move forward in the event of a crash.

Those who own an affected unit just need to take their car to a dealer to get in touch with Tesla’s mobile repair unit. The fix takes only ten minutes and it’s something that can be completely be done by the company’s mobile repair unit.

Until those who have affected units get the issue fixed, Tesla cautions them to avoid having two adults in the second row left and center seats. Even with the issue, Tesla says that the seat is strong enough for one single adult or two children.

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