If you like to take your sweet time in getting to your Uber when it has already arrived to pick you up, you might want to reconsider this behavior. As part of its ongoing efforts to become more driver-friendly, Uber is now adding a handful of driver-focused features. One of these features will allow the drivers to charge more for longer pickups.


Uber drivers in the United States and Canada can now charge an additional fee if they have to travel a long distance to pick up the customer. A per-minute late fee will also be applied if the driver has to wait for more than two minutes at the pickup point.

Passengers will have to pay the cancellation fee if they decide to cancel the Uber two minutes after booking it. Passengers were previously allowed five minutes to make up their mind and cancel without incurring a cancellation fee.

Additional driver-focused changes include a feature in the app that’s going to help drivers avoid tolls during pickups when possible. If there’s no choice but to pay the toll, it’s automatically going to incorporate the tolls into the driver’s fare.

This is certainly going to make riders a bit expensive for passengers but happier Uber drivers will essentially translate into more Uber drivers on the road, which means that passengers will ultimately be able to get an Uber in time when they just can’t afford to be late.

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