As much as companies would love to have customers use their latest product, sometimes due to the changes introduced in new products, some customers would rather not upgrade. However it seems that Apple isn’t taking into consideration a user’s preference because according to a report from Adam Engst at TidBITS, Apple is apparently pushing macOS High Sierra onto unsuspecting Mac users.


macOS 10.3 High Sierra is the latest version of Apple’s computer operating system, and while it does bring new features to the table, we understand if there are some users who are hesitant on upgrading. However Engst writes that he discovered that Apple might be pushing the update onto users by downloading it in the background, and then presenting users with the option to either click “Install” or “Details”, the latter which doesn’t really do anything save for launching the App Store.

Engst points out that clicking “Details” is the only way to decline the installation, but for those who might be less tech savvy might feel that they have no choice but to install it. It should be noted that this can be disabled by turning off the feature that automatically checks for updates. This can be found in System Preferences -> App Store, and then deselect the checkbox.

Apple isn’t alone in trying to push the latest updates onto its users. When Windows 10 first came out, Microsoft was accused of being aggressive in trying to get users to upgrade.

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