There are many benefits to owning a car, but yet due to the costs of owning a car, not everyone sees the need to do so. Imagine you live in a city where public transport is easily accessible, convenient, and efficient, that would eliminate the need to actually go out and buy a car.

Presumably this is the point Ford is trying to make when they acquired Canvas back in 2016, a car subscription service that allows members to rent cars on a month-to-month basis. The good news is that the program, which was previously only available in San Francisco, will be expanding to Los Angeles, thus opening it up to more customers.

For those unfamiliar, Canvas’ service sees members pay a subscription which adds up to around $400-$500 a month. They can then rent a car on a monthly basis without the need to commit to anything long-term, and the costs will cover things like vehicle maintenance, warranty, roadside assistance, and car insurance.

According to Canvas CEO and founder Ned Ryan, “We launched the product in early May just in the Bay Area, and have seen very strong and positive response from customers. If you think about the Bay Area, not necessarily the most car-centric city, so I think we were really impressed with that response. If you think about LA, maybe the most car-centric city in the U.S., we’re really excited to see the response there.”

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