It is no secret that Apple and Samsung don’t have the best relationship. While the latter appears to still supply components to Apple for various products, we wouldn’t exactly call both companies friends. In fact Samsung recently released an ad in which they throw some pretty major shade Apple’s way.

The ad is dubbed “Growing Up” and it is clearly pointed at iPhone users, making fun of them for lacking features that Samsung phones have had all this while, such as a larger display (Apple stubbornly stuck with the 3.5-inch display for years), water-resistance (only introduced in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus), and wireless charging (which finally debuted with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the X).

The ad is also promoting the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but it looks like Samsung is trying to kill two birds with one stone in their not-so-subtle message. We suppose Samsung does have a point, although they also seem to have conveniently omitted certain iPhone features like dual cameras, fingerprint scanners, and facial recognition.

It is possible that this ad came after the US Supreme Court rejected Samsung’s appeal of $120 million in damages that was awarded to Apple in one of their patent infringement lawsuits, but either way shade has been thrown and we wonder if Apple will have anything to say about it.

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