As much as we’re sure many out there would love to get an electric car and do their part for the environment, there are many concerns, such as charging and range. While range has improved tremendously over the years, charging is still an issue where the number of EV chargers is considerably less than the number of gas stations.

This means that finding a place to charge your car will become a much harder task, compared to driving and expecting to find a gas station a few miles later. Various companies have been doing their part in helping spread out EV chargers, and it looks like Shell is hoping to contribute as well, with the company announcing their plans to build 80 high-powered EV charging stations across Europe.

Shell’s announcement is part of a joint venture between BMW, Daimler, Ford, and Volkswagen, where the plan is to bring these 80 EV charging stations across highway sites in Europe in 2019, which includes regions such as Belgium, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Shell will also be using the IONITY technology which is capable of up to 350 kilowatts in power output, and can charge a car in as little as 5-8 minutes. According to Shell’s head of retail Istvan Kapitany, “Customers want to go on long journeys in their electric vehicles and feel confident that there are reliable, comfortable and convenient places to charge them quickly.”

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