Based on what we know so far, it will probably be a while before we see The Elder Scrolls VI from Bethesda, which means that until then, players will have to make do with The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as the reimagining of Skyrim which is not only available in VR, but will also be launched on the Nintendo Switch.


We’ve seen how Bethesda has created a “Special Edition” of Skyrim which is basically the game with enhanced graphics, so the question is with the difference in hardware on consoles, how does the Switch version of Skyrim fare? That’s what the folks over at Digital Foundry have decided to find out in their analysis in the video above that compares the Switch to that of the PS4.

Unlike comparisons between the PS4 and Xbox One, the differences between the Switch and PS4 are considerably more pronounced. The colors of the Switch appear to be slightly more saturated, and the details aren’t quite as fine as the PS4. However impressively enough Digital Foundry found that when docked, the Switch manages to run Skyrim at 1600×900, although under a heavy load it will see it drop to 896×720, which is more or less what it looked like when it was demoed at Gamescom.

They also note that the Switch version will run the game at 30fps, which is very playable although perhaps not as buttery smooth as one would like. However it is still an impressive achievement all the same, so if you don’t think you can tell the difference, or if the differences don’t bother you so much, then maybe the Skyrim for the Switch could be worth checking out.

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