Putting aside the diesel scandal that Volkswagen was embroiled in in recent times, the company has put out some pretty good cars, although it’s safe to say that one of the company’s most iconic cars is the Beetle, which has seen some upgrades and given a more modern design since its inception.

However it looks like the iconic Beetle could be getting a different upgrade, and that is there could be an electric version of the car in the future. According to a report from Autocar, Volkswagen is said to be considering creating an electric version of the Beetle. However this is something that’s under consideration, and that Volkswagen has not actually started working on anything yet.

According to the company’s chairman Herbert Diess, he denies the rumors that Volkswagen has a Beetle successor already made. He also revealed that should they make a successor, they will be returning to the roots of the Beetle where it will return to a rear-wheel drive model. “If we wanted to do a Beetle, electrically it would be much better than today’s model, much closer to history, because it could be rear-wheel drive.”

No word on if and when we will ever see the electric version of the Beetle, but given that electric cars are gaining in popularity, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was something that the company is seriously considering.

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