Microsoft’s most powerful console ever – the Xbox One X – was launched recently. Demand has been great for the product in most major markets but it appears that the Japanese have not warmed up to it. According to a new report, the Xbox One X has had a bad launch week in Japan. That doesn’t come as a surprise, though.

Media Create tracks retail sales in Japan and it reports that the Xbox One X has not performed well in Japan during the launch week. On the other hand, there was significant demand for the console in the west during launch week.

The report mentions that Microsoft only sold 1,344 units of the Xbox One X in Japan during launch week, coming in at 8th position on the hardware sales chart. The standard Xbox One only sold 121 units during the week.

It’s not that people in Japan are suddenly not buying gaming consoles. Almost 80,000 units of the Nintendo Switch were sold during the same period while the PS4 moved 20,021 units.

This isn’t surprising because there hasn’t really been a lot of interest for the Xbox One in the Japanese market. They love their Nintendos and PS4s which is why those consoles continue to dominate the market.

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