Right now a lot of the tech we use are external devices, like phones and tablets, but with smartwatches, we’re starting to see a shift towards creating smarter products that some of us are already used to wearing on a daily basis, like a watch for example. We’re also seeing how companies like Google are trying to take it to the next level through smart clothing.

However it looks like Google might not be alone in trying to make this happen. According to a recently discovered patent by Patently Apple, it seems that Apple could also be interested in exploring the concept of smart clothing. According to the patent filing, it describes a smart clothing/fabric that could be integrated into the likes of an external case for electronic equipment.

This includes a removable cover for a device, a case, a bag, straps, and so on. It also mentions how it could be integrated into a wallet, sleeve, pocket, a hat, belt, or even furniture like the cushion covers on sofas. This means that in theory, this technology could be applied to pretty much all kinds of fabric, so imagine being able to sit on your sofa and have it read out to you your metrics, like weight, body temperature, duration you’ve been sitting down, and so on.

That being said, this is just a patent which means that whether or not Apple plans to implement it for real remains to be seen, but without a doubt wearable tech is something that the industry is looking towards at the moment. Whether Apple plans to expanding their wearable technology beyond smartwatches is anyone’s guess.

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