There has been a lot of debate going on recently regarding net neutrality, whose rules the FCC are planning to repeal. How this will play out still remains to be seen, but in the meantime AT&T wants to reassure their customers that should the rules be repealed , they want their customers to know that nothing will change on their end, at least not in a negative way.

In a post on AT&T’s website, the carrier’s Senior Executive Vice President of External & Legislative Affairs Bob Quinn writes, “AT&T intends to operate its network the same way AT&T operates its network today: in an open and transparent manner. We will not block websites, we will not throttle or degrade internet traffic based on content, and we will not unfairly discriminate in our treatment of internet traffic.” He also notes that this is consistent with what AT&T has been doing all this while.

He also adds, “These commitments are laid out in the broadband details section of AT&T’s main website.  They represent a guarantee to our customers that we will provide service in an open and transparent way.  They have been, and will continue to be, enforceable commitments.”

However it has been pointed by some that AT&T seems to have conveniently forgotten about the time in 2012 where they prevented users from making FaceTime calls on iPhones being made using cellular data unless customers bought a “Mobile Share” data plan. This changed towards the end of 2013 where AT&T finally lifted the restrictions.

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