BMW is heavily interested in the future of the automotive industry and that’s not surprising at all. The company has made a string of investments recently to advance its self-driving and electric car technologies. The company has now announced that it’s teaming up with battery technology company Solid Power to develop and commercialize solid-state batteries that will be used in electric cars.


Solid-state batteries are generally believed to be safer than conventional Li-ion cells. However, they have some limitations like temperature ranges and electrode current density. Moreover, they haven’t been produced on a large scale as yet and not at a price point that makes them competitive with Li-ion.

Solid Power recently claimed to have made a breakthrough in solid-state battery technology by incorporating a high-capacity lithium metal anode in lithium batteries to create a call with an energy capacity that’s up to 3x higher than Lithium-ion.

“Collaborating with BMW is further validation that solid-state battery innovations will continue to improve electric vehicles. We’re looking forward to working with BMW on pushing the limits on developments around xEV batteries,” said Doug Campbell, the founder and CEO of Solid Power.

BMW’s resources and expertise will help the company commercialize its solid-state battery technology. The German auto giant wouldn’t mind getting to use the tech in its cars of the future as well.

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