Pokemon is usually seen as a cutesy kind of game, which is why we thought it was a bit odd that a report from a couple of months ago suggested that actors known for their action movies, such as Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson were reportedly being considered for the movie.


However it turns out that the report was accurate because in the latest report from The Hollywood Reporter, it looks like the role of Detective Pikachu has been cast and it is none other than Ryan Reynolds. Yup, you read that right, Reynolds who has been known to be cast in roles where he plays a potty-mouth character (like Deadpool) will be playing the character of Pikachu.

It’s hard to imagine, we know, but that’s apparently what’s going to happen. It will be a motion-captured role as Pikachu will be digitally inserted into the movie, but whether Reynolds will do the motion capture himself or if he will simply voice the character remains to be seen. Note that Legendary has yet to confirm any of the casting or story yet, so do take it with a grain of salt.

So far what we do know is that the other lead roles have been found, like the lead actor who is played by Justice Smith, and the lead actress who will be played by Kathryn Newton. There is still no word on when the movie will be released, but you can be sure we’re pretty damn curious about how it will turn out.

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