As much as many of us would love to kit out our homes with massive home theater systems that could mirror the experience you get from going to the movies, it isn’t always possible due to cost, space constraints, and so on. This is where soundbars come in handy which usually come in a smaller footprint.

If you are shopping about for a new soundbar, you might be interested to learn that Samsung has announced the NW700 Soundbar Sound+. This is a new soundbar by the company that they plan on unveiling at CES 2018 which they are claiming will be a “premium lifestyle” soundbar.

The new soundbar will succeed its predecessor, the MS650 Sound+, and will come with a host of improvements to it. This includes distortion-cancelling features, wide-range tweeters, and multi-speaker control. It also measures 53.5mm thick, meaning that it is relatively thin compared to some of the other soundbars out there, which Samsung has done on purpose in order to make it suitable for wall mounting, especially under Samsung’s own lineup of televisions.

The NW700 also comes with a built-in subwoofer which means that in terms of bass reproduction, it should be able to provide users with a decent kick, although we have yet to test it for ourselves, so whether or not this will be sufficient for your purposes is up to you. It also comes with three sound modes: Standard, Surround, and Smart, the last of which can adjust its volume and surround sound effects dynamically.

No word on pricing just yet, but like we said the speaker will be unveiled at CES 2018 which kicks off in the first week of January next year, so stay tuned for more updates.

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