Video files can get pretty big, especially if you start to increase its resolution. While the higher resolution does make things clearer, it also means that more data needs to be consumed which can be noticeable especially if you’re using a mobile data plan. However it looks like Apple wants to help with that.

In a report from CNET, it seems that Apple has recently joined the Alliance for Open Media, which is working on technology called AV1 that helps to compress online videos before it is streamed. This means that ultimately the goal is to reduce the amount of data/storage that online videos might take up.

While the tech is still being developed, Mozilla (who supports an early version of it) claims that AV1 can help to cut file sizes 25-35% compared to other technologies, such as HEVC and VP9. This isn’t a new alliance, and in fact other tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and even Facebook were part of it before Apple joined.

However the addition of the Cupertino company to the alliance’s ranks will no doubt be a boon in helping the technology advance. Apple did not respond to a comment on their actions, but according to Matt Frost, head of media strategy and partnerships for Google’s Chrome team, “It’s definitely a pretty significant development and a sign of how times change and persistence pays off.”

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