Apple’s iPhones don’t come cheap, but thanks to deals offered by carriers, they feel more affordable thanks to the introduction of rebates and also installment plans, where customers don’t need to pay the full price upfront which helps lessen the impact. However these plans are usually for postpaid customers, but prepaid customers can now get in on it as well.

A report from 9to5Mac has revealed that AT&T is getting ready to launch new prepaid iPhone plans for customers that will help make iPhones a bit more affordable for those who prefer prepaid plans. According to the report, the iPhone deals are said to be part of the carrier’s $45/month plans, where customers will be able to purchase a 32GB iPhone 6s for $344.99, while a 32GB iPhone 6s Plus will go for $444.99.

The deals will also give customers the first month for free, meaning that customers are ultimately paying $300 and $400 upfront for the iPhones, depending on the model. As 9to5Mc points out, this new upcoming deal will also make it more competitive than what other carriers are offering, such as T-Mobile and Virgin who are charging $450 and $550 for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus respectively.

Granted this deal doesn’t give customers the latest iPhones, but if you don’t mind the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, it could be worth checking for when the deal does go live.

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