Ford unveiled a couple of new models at the North American International Auto Show, including a new Ranger pickup truck and Bullitt Mustang. The company has also teased a new car that it’s working on without giving away too much about it. Ford has teased the “Mach 1” at this event, the company says that it’s going to be an all-electric performance SUV that’s going to be launched in two years from now.

Ford hasn’t revealed any specifics right now so it’s unclear what the Mach 1 looks like and what sort of performance this all-electric car is going to offer. It merely released a small teaser video about the Mach 1 which shows a Mustang and an Explorer pull into a building before the building gets struck by a fake bolt of lightning.

It’s too soon to predict what sort of performance we can look forward to with the Mach 1 and how much it’s going to cost when the company launches it in 2020.

Tesla’s high-performance models tend to be quite expensive and perhaps that might be the case with Ford’s Mach 1 as well. One would expect it to be given how all-electric cars are generally priced. Ford is tightlipped on the matter and it’s unclear when it will be willing to provide more information about this project.

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