Netflix allows users to create multiple profiles because since everyone has different tastes, having different profiles means that Netflix will be able to cater to users based on their viewing habits. However the problem with Google Assistant is that it could only detect one user when trying to launch Netflix.

If you live in a house with multiple Netflix users, then this could be rather annoying, but the good news is that Google has changed that. In an update to Google Assistant, it seems that it can now match the user’s voice to their Netflix profile. This is done through the Voice Match system where users can assign different voices to different profiles, meaning that if you use Google Home/Assistant to launch Netflix, it will launch the profile according to your voice.

According to Google, “For Netflix, if you have a personal profile on a Netflix account, you can link your personal profile and set up Voice Match to play content where you left off.” For those looking to set this up for themselves, launch the Home app, head on over to More Settings, Videos and Photos, and there should be a new option called “Manage Profile”.

From there users should be able to set it up. If you don’t see it, Android Police has advised that maybe users can try unlinking and re-linking to see if this refreshes the option.

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