Recently it was reported that a small fire broke out at an Apple Store in Zurich when an iPhone 6s Plus battery began to overheat and started emitting smoke, resulting in the store having to be evacuated. You would think that this would be a one-off incident, or a rare incident, but it seems that it has happened again, this time in an Apple Store in Spain.


In a report from Las Provincias, Apple’s Calle Colon store in Valencia, Spain had to be evacuated after an iPhone battery exploded during the repair process, filling one floor of the building with smoke. While police and firefighters were called to the scene, it seems that their services weren’t needed as the Apple workers managed to get it under control by airing out the store and letting the smoke out, and also covering the battery with sand to prevent any further incident.

Thankfully in this case there were no injuries reported, versus the incident at the Zurich store in which the Apple employee handling the battery suffered minor burns on their hands. That being said, we wouldn’t be surprised if more incidents like this were to occur in the future, especially following Apple’s battery replacement program in which we’re sure that there are many iPhone users who would like to take advantage of the $29 battery replacement offer, which is a sight cheaper than having to purchase a new iPhone.

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