[CES 2018] A lot of today’s smart home security cameras come with features such as motion-detection, where it can start recording or alert the user when it detects something. However the only drawback to some of these devices is the need for electricity, meaning that should there be a power outage, they would be pretty much useless.

That’s a problem that the folks at Ingenious Things are trying to solve with MyTeepi. These are sensors that can be placed around the home and the best part is that they do not require electricity. They are battery powered using two AA batteries that are said to offer up to 8 months of battery life.

They also do not require WiFi or 4G to communicate with its users, but rather it relies on SigFox’s Low Power Wide Area network. MyTeepi comes with several sensors built into it, such as a motion sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor, a sound sensor for fire alarm detection, and also a sensor that can detect power failure.

Ingenious Things will be launching two variants of MyTeepi, one of which is designed out of wood that is said to help blend in with home decor, and a smaller square version which is more compact and ideal for smaller locations, such as cellars, garages, garden sheds, or boats.

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