Earlier today a statement from a customer service rep for Netflix stated that the company has no plans for Netflix arriving on the Nintendo Switch. No doubt that this was super disappointing news, especially given that early last year it was hinted that the streaming service would eventually arrive.

However it seems that Netflix has had a change of tune because in a new tweet sent out by the company, they are now saying that they are “still exploring” the possibility of their platform arriving on the Nintendo Switch. However they also state that they have nothing definitive to share at this point in time.

Perhaps that’s what Netflix meant to say all this while, but the previous rep misunderstood it, or maybe Netflix doesn’t want to sound like they’re closing the door on that possibility. There were rumors last year that suggested that the Netflix app for the Switch was ready and that it just needed Nintendo’s approval, but clearly that did not pan out.

As it stands Hulu is the only streaming service available for the platform, so it is anyone’s guess as to when Netflix may or may not arrive. However should it arrive, it will be interesting to see how gamers will react, especially with Nintendo recently claiming that they have no plans to push for 4K content as it isn’t as ubiquitous yet.

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