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Back in 2015, Microsoft announced a new controller for the Xbox One in the form of the Xbox Elite Controller. This was a more expensive controller, but one of its key features is that it is modular and customizable according to the needs of the gamer, and it turns out that gamers don’t mind paying for such features.

Microsoft had claimed that the controller was selling like hotcakes, and now fast forward 3 years later it seems that Microsoft could have a new model in the works. Images have been posted onto Baidu and Reddit (via The Verge) in which the new and updated controller and its design are being shown off.

The reported specs include a USB-C port for charging, Bluetooth support for gamers playing on Windows 10 PCs, three-level Hair Trigger Locks, longer key travel for the paddles, and a three profile switch. It also reportedly has an adjustable tension mechanism for the thumbsticks, which as The Verge points out seems to be in line with a patent that Microsoft filed for back in December 2017.

Now whether or not these images are legit are unclear, but The Verge’s source has confirmed that they are genuine, so take that for what it’s worth. No word on when the controller will be launched, but E3 2018 in the middle of year does seem like a pretty good possibility.

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