The Federal Communications Commission recently voted to repeal the Obama-era net neutrality rules but not all states are accepting the change in policy. After Montana’s governor signed an executive order yesterday to become the first state with its net neutrality rules, his counterpart in New York has taken a similar step. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has confirmed in an announcement that he has signed an executive order which will require ISPs with state contracts to continue to abide by net neutrality rules despite the FCC’s repeal.

The governors of both Montana and New York have both essentially signed the same order. The orders require internet service providers with contracts to adhere to the net neutrality rules previously agreed upon.

This means that the ISPs can’t play favorites by giving more bandwidth to companies who pay for the privilege. They can’t block, throttle or prioritize one over the other in any way. Cuomo’s order states that any ISP that receives or renews a contract after March 1st in the state of New York will have to sign an agreement confirming that they will abide by net neutrality rules.

Some major ISPs have contracts with the state, including the likes of Verizon and AT&T, so they will have to play by this rules in this state just as they have to do in Montana.

However, states like New York and Montana may face legal challenges over these orders because the FCC specifically included a provision to block states from passing their own rules in this matter when it passed the repeal of net neutrality rules last year. The net neutrality fight is far from over.

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