[CES 2018] It isn’t uncommon to see homes filled with a variety of remote controls. For example there could be a remote for the TV, a remote for the hi-fi system, a remote for your speakers, a remote for your set-top box, a remote for your fan, blinds, air-conditioning, and more. This can get rather messy and cluttered.

If you’re looking to do away with the need to own so many remote controls, then you might be interested in Otodo’s Ugo, a magic wand remote that will help users control all their connected devices in their homes, as well as remote-controlled devices, thus streamlining the entire process into a single, sleekly-designed remote, or as Otodo is calling it, will transform your entire home into a giant smart home interface.

According to the company, “For each command scenario, the user defines an area of the home where orders can be given by simply tapping Ugo against pre-defined surfaces: tap Ugo on the nightstand to turn off the lights; tap Ugo on the hall table to open the front door; tap Ugo on the coffee table to close the shutters! An original and unique experience, open to everyone.”

The Ugo also comes with a fingerprint sensor on it which will help identify the different users who might be using it, with support for up to 16 different users. Pricing and availability has not been mentioned, but Otodo will be showing off their tech at CES 2018 this week.

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