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When Apple confirmed that they do indeed slow down older iPhones with degrading batteries, it was expected that there would be some kind of consequence to their actions, such as lawsuits. Last we heard there are as many as eight lawsuits filed against the company, but now it seems that that number has since grown to over 26.

So far the majority of them have been filed in the US, with allegations against Apple for either “purposefully” or “secretly” slowing down older iPhones. Despite the lawsuits coming in at slightly different angles, for the most part they are asking that Apple compensate all iPhone users, such as either offering free battery replacements, or refund customers who have had to buy new iPhones as a result of the slowdown.

What Apple has since done is drop the price of battery replacements from $79 to a much more affordable $29. The battery replacement program is now live and will be available to all users, regardless of what Apple’s diagnostics say and whether or not a battery might be in need for a replacement, which will be beneficial for users who have no plans to upgrade but wouldn’t mind extending their iPhone’s life by a little bit more.

Apple has also promised that they will make it clearer and easier for iOS users to tell the health of their batteries in the future. However we reckon that this probably won’t be enough to make the lawsuits go away, so exactly how the company plans on dealing with all of them remains to be seen.

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