Samsung has been focusing on large premium TVs and the strategy seems to have been working for the company. Analysts expect Samsung to lead the large premium TV market this year. The company has now filed for a couple of new trademarks which hint that it’s planning to stick with the script for the future. One of the trademarks is for “Giant TV.”

Samsung has filed new trademark applications with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the monikers “Super Size TV” and “Giant TV.” Trademark applications on their own don’t reveal anything. They’re no confirmation of an impending release of giant Samsung TVs but they do suggest that Samsung might be willing to come out with a product that fits the description at some point in the future.

Speaking of giant TVs, Samsung unveiled its first 146 inch MicroLED “The Wall” TV at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 earlier this month. The 146 inch modular behemoth has self-emitting MicroLED technology with blacks and high contrast ratio comparable to OLED panels. Samsung hasn’t revealed as yet how many modules it will offer with this TV and hasn’t disclosed how much it’s going to cost. It will provide that information later on in the spring.

The unveiling of Samsung’s The Wall TV at CES 2018 shows that the company is not going to shy away from putting massive TVs on the market. In that case, it makes perfect sense for the company to trademark Super Size TV and Giant TV, just in case it ever needs to call a product that.

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