Chromebooks are powered by Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS and they’ve been very well received particularly in the education sector. These machines are lightweight, nimble and not to mention cheap compared to conventional PCs. Despite all that they’ve got going for them, Chromebooks have never offered a native video recording feature because Google never built one into Chrome OS. That might change with the new Chromebook that Samsung has reportedly been working on.


It has been reported multiple times over the past few weeks that Samsung is working on a new 2-in-1 Chromebook that’s also going to have stylus support. While Samsung unveiled new Chromebooks at CES 2017 it didn’t launch this product at CES 2018.

That’s probably because this new Chromebook isn’t ready yet. We only started hearing about it a few months ago and that’s not enough time to come out with a new form-factor for a Chromebook. A new commit has been spotted in the Chromium Repository which suggests that the new Samsung Chromebook is going to feature a native video recording option with support for up to 1080p at 30 frames-per-second.

This is going to be a step forward in the right direction for Chrome OS in general as the only way Chromebook users can record video right now is by using a third-party app. The implementation of this commit is going to use Android camera APIs which suggests that camera features like stickers and filters that are ubiquitous on Android smartphones might finally become available on Chromebooks as well.

The new Samsung Chromebook is expected to be miles ahead of the competition in the camera department as well. It’s believed to feature a 13 megapixel Sony IMX258 camera found on smartphones like the LG G6.

Samsung is yet to confirm when it’s going to launch the new Chromebook. Whether or not Google releases native video recording functionality for Chrome OS-powered devices before that remains to be seen.

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