As you might have heard, the developer of indie darling farming simulator Stardew Valley is working on multiplayer features for the game. For the most part it was assumed that this multiplayer feature would focus on online play, but as it turns out it looks like there will be local play features as well.

This was revealed by the game’s developer ConcernedApe on Twitter where he shared a screenshot (see above) and caption of the game being played in multiplayer. “4-player Stardew Valley LAN party at my house… it’s really fun. It still needs some work, but the underlying network code is solid. Being in the same room and yelling at each other about what to do next, or if anyone has any stone, is great fun. Can’t wait to share this.”

Note that this local multiplayer feature is played over LAN, meaning that all players involved will require their own computer and Stardew Valley account. We suppose this makes sense given that four players sharing one screen can make it difficult to move around, although it is a bit of a pity since consoles like the Switch can support multiple players on a single screen with just one console.

That being said, multiplayer appears to be a feature that will probably take some time to arrive. The beta was expected to kick off last year, but it has since been delayed where they are now aiming for a Q1 2018 beta release. In the meantime for those who aren’t so keen about multiplayer, not to worry as the developer is also working on new single-player content for the game.

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