[CES 2018] We’ve seen smart glasses, smartwatch, smart clothing, so the idea of smart shoes isn’t exactly a new one. You guys might recall that back in 2017, a company called Zhor Tech unveiled a pair of smart shoes, and it seems that this year at CES 2018, they are back with something a little more streamlined.

In case you have a pair of shoes that you like but wanted it to be smarter, you’ll be pleased to learn that Zhor Tech has recently unveiled a pair of smart shoe insoles. These insoles are loaded up with a variety of sensors that can offer certain obvious features, such as step counting, and it can also figure out things about you such as your fatigue levels, analyze your posture, and detect rough vibrations around you.

In fact it goes one step further by being able to detect when you might have slipped and fallen. This makes the smart insoles a perfect pair for using in construction work, where a worker might have fallen and the insole will then send out an alert/notification to someone like a manager to inform them of it. There will also be an accompanying app that will detail all this information at a glance.

Unfortunately for now the insoles won’t be available to everyone just yet. Zhor Tech has stated that they only plan on selling it to companies that make safety-conscious footwear for now, but perhaps in the future it could be made available to other companies as well.

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