Games are designed to entertain and also to help people relax, which is why there are some titles that have been designed to be super chill and relaxing without focusing too much on the gameplay. Titles like that include the PlayStation exclusive Journey, and on mobile we also have similar titles like Alto’s Adventure.


For those who enjoyed the first installment, you’ll be pleased to learn that Snowman has finally announced that the game’s sequel, Alto’s Odyssey, will be released on the 22nd of February. For those unfamiliar, Alto’s Adventure is where players will ski down slopes to beautiful backdrops and relaxing music, collecting as many coins as they coin and racking up scores by doing tricks.

Alto’s Odyssey will expand on that concept and will feature similar gameplay, except that there will be new challenges added to the mix, such as natural hazards, obstacles to avoid like hot air balloons, and also grind rails that shift, meaning players need to stay on their toes. Snowman has also added a bunch of new backdrops for variation.

For the most part the game will continue to be a endless runner and if you’re interested, you can actually pre-order the game which will initially be released on iOS and Apple TV devices where it will be priced at $5.

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