If there is an upside to working for huge multinational firms is that when it comes to healthcare, most of these huge companies tend to have a pretty good system in place where employees don’t need to worry about access to healthcare services. This is why it isn’t surprising that Apple has launched their own group of health clinics, according to a report from CNBC.


The report claims that Apple has published a website for a group of health clinics branded as AC Wellness. The clinics don’t appear to be up and running yet as job listings are calling for doctors, exercise coaches, a care navigator, and a phlebotomist to help administer lab tests on-site.

CNBC’s sources have also told them that Apple could be leveraging its medical clinics as a way to trial various health services and products that they are developing. This will be done ahead of the products/services are being rolled out to consumers. Given that we’ve seen Apple hire various experts in the health and medical field, it does seem to suggest that they could be looking to introduce more health-related offerings, such as a noninvasive method of measuring glucose via the Apple Watch.

The launch of the clinics also seems to be in line with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’s comments in which he told shareholders that Apple could make a “significant contribution” in health care, although Apple has yet to officially comment on CNBC’s report.

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