When it comes to smartphone cameras, this is an area in which Apple has typically never let its customers down. While the competition might sometimes edge Apple out, typically iPhone cameras have been known to produce some high-quality images. In fact it seems that Consumer Reports agrees as well.

In their latest report on the “Best Smartphone Cameras” (via MacRumors), the publication has found that the iPhone X is the best at the moment. This is followed interestingly enough by the iPhone 8 and then the iPhone 8 Plus, which we reckon should have slightly edged out the iPhone 8 due to its dual camera setup.

Other non-iPhones that made the list include the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, the Note 8, and the Galaxy S8 Active. Interestingly enough Consumer Reports’ top 10 list seems to be populated by either an iPhone or a Samsung, although we’re not sure why the Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL did not make the cut considering how much praise has been heaped onto the phone’s cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ understandably did not make the cut as both phones were only just announced, but it will be interesting to see that with the new camera setup on Samsung’s flagship phones, how it will fare against the iPhone X and the rest of the competition.

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