The upside to using Bluetooth speakers is that they are portable and usually for the most part can be placed anywhere (those that are wired will be a bit more limited). This also means that depending on whether the speaker supports it, they can also be grouped and daisy-chained for a louder/stereo effect.

It looks like similar functionality is coming to the Google Home, or at least that’s what 9to5Google is speculating based on the latest APK teardown of the Google Home app. In their teardown, they discovered references made to the ability to pair regular Bluetooth speakers to Assistant devices that could be used in a group setting.

These are thanks to strings which reads, “Pair your Bluetooth speaker”, and “To get started, press the \”Pair\” button on your speaker. Then select the device below.” Other strings that support this theory include how Google will prompt users to let them know that sometimes speakers grouped or connected to Bluetooth might experience playback delay.

However as 9to5Google points out, their sighting doesn’t necessarily confirm that these features will be rolled out in the future. It is possible that Google could simply be testing certain features, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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