Given that Amazon’s Echo series of speakers comes in all manner of shapes and sizes, and the Google Home too, we guess it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Apple could follow suit, right? That’s what Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang seems to think as he believes that Apple could have a HomePod Mini in the works.

In his report he writes, “Our research suggests Home Pod preorders are doing well; we currently forecast production of 6 million units this year. Additionally, we believe Apple could launch a low-end Home Pod in the fall with a retail price of roughly $150-200. Looking at the success of Amazon’s Echo products we believe demand could exceed 10 million units this calendar year.”

As it stands the HomePod is priced at $350, which makes it pretty expensive compared to other similar speakers in the market at the moment. However given that Apple is emphasizing on its audio quality and less on what the speakers can do in terms of smart features, we suppose you’re paying for the premium sound quality.

We’re not sure what Apple would “compromise” in terms of a low-end HomePod, perhaps less tweeters and microphones? In any case it is just the opinion of an analyst, but what do you guys think? Would a lower-end HomePod make it more appealing?

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