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The thing about speakers is that because they are used for pretty much one thing, which is audio playback, they don’t break down as easily compared to other devices like our smartphones or computers, which are put through their paces in a variety of tasks ranging from web browsing, photo editing, playing games, talking on the phone, and so on.

However speakers do break down from time to time, but what about the HomePod? Can it be repaired? The bad news is that it looks like it can’t, or if it can, it will probably need to be sent through official service channels. This is according to a teardown of the speaker by the folks at iFixit.

Based on their teardown, it seems that trying to remove the outer shell and access the innards of the speakers will leave it pretty much ruined already, meaning that. At one point they even had to use a hack saw to try and saw their way into the speakers, which ultimately resulted in the HomePod scoring 1/10 in terms of repairability.

However as some of the comments have pointed out, not everything needs to be completely repairable, but given that the HomePod comes with certain components that helps make it “smart”, it does leave itself open to more potential failures, and being able to repair might be necessary. That being said, Apple does state that out-of-warranty repair will cost a whopping $279, meaning that users might be better off just buying a brand new set of speakers.

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