It appears that Apple wants your iCloud account to double as a single sign-on solution meaning that you will no longer have to log into the websites you use frequently one at a time. New code has been discovered in the iOS 11.3 beta which suggests that the iCloud single sign-on feature might debut with this firmware update.


The iOS 11.3 beta has already made a couple of revelations about what we can expect from this update. It has revealed that the company is overhauling iBooks and that iOS 11.3 will enable parents to approve family purchases with Face ID on the iPhone X.

The folks at 9to5Mac have discovered a new component in the iOS 11.3 beta code called SecureChannel. It suggests that Apple is developing a single sign-on solution which will let users log into websites using their Apple ID. Another component found in the beta reveals that users will be able to scan a QR code which prompts for Apple ID authentication when scanned using the Camera app.

Websites that support this authentication method will likely get access to the user’s real name and email address. It’s going to be similar to the single sign-on feature for Apple TV which lets users log into multiple TV applications seamlessly once they’ve initially signed in.

Just because there are hints about a new feature in a beta version doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be out soon. We’ll only know for sure if this feature is going to make the cut once iOS 11.3 is released later this year.

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