When it comes to choosing speakers, obviously the most important thing is the sound quality. Of course there are other factors such as design, connectivity options, smart features, and pricing, but for the most part the most important aspect would be sound quality. However with Apple’s HomePod, it looks like it might have spawned a new breed of products – speaker accessories.


It looks like there are several manufacturers who have recently launched accessories for the HomePod. This includes leather coasters by Pad & Quill designed to prevent the speakers from leaving a stain on your wooden furniture. There are also stands and mounts created by Meres that achieve the same thing, albeit with a more sleek look.

Then there are also leather carrying cases for the HomePod by Capra Leather, which is basically a leather bag that lets you pack the HomePod and take it with you. It even comes with a special opening at the back that lets the cable out to prevent damage, and also a loop that lets you bundle up the cable neatly.

This is an interesting phenomenon because while accessories for speakers have existed, it’s not really something that many people would think about or consider. But hey, if you think that these accessories are worth your money, by all means do check them out.

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