The Sprinter van isn’t as well known as some of the other Mercedes vehicles because it’s meant for an entirely different segment of the market, one that’s not concerned with how fast it can go and how many people you can carry in it. As the German auto giant embraces the all-electric revolution for some of its primary models it has also decided to electrify its popular van. Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that it’s going to release an electric version of the Sprinter van.

The company announced today that it’s going to start selling the eSprinter next year. Mercedes-Benz hasn’t revealed any figures about the range and performance of its all-electric van but those figures are likely going to vary because the company will customize the eSprinter based on each business customer’s demands.

The company adds in its press release that as far as operating costs are concerned, the electric vans will be “on par with comparable models powered by a diesel engine.” It mentions that the electric model is primarily designed for use in city centers.

It’s unclear, though, how soon the company will bring the eSprinter to the United States next year. The model will most certainly be out in Europe first where Sprinter vans are ubiquitous. Mercedes will confirm at a later date when these all-electric vans will arrive in the United States.

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