It has been a while since Microsoft introduced the very first Windows 10 on ARM devices and while we still wait for them to hit the market. Many have been wondering about the Windows 10 on ARM limitations in the absence of official word from Microsoft but it appears that the company may have accidentally revealed these limitations earlier this week.

The full list of Windows 10 on ARM limitations was posted by Microsoft last week and it goes into quite a bit of detail about what to expect from this iteration of Windows.

Microsoft quickly pulled the list after it started picking up steam online which suggests that it might have been published accidentally. Since this is the internet and nothing ever really goes away, cached copies of the Windows 10 on ARM limitations are easily accessible.

The list reveals that Windows 10 on ARM will only support ARM64 drivers. Even though it can run x86 apps, the OS can’t use x86 drivers. This should only be a problem for those with older peripherals that no longer have driver support

As expected, Windows 10 on ARM doesn’t allow for emulation of x64 apps but the company is planning to support these apps at some point in the future. Microsoft also revealed in the list that some apps and games which require OpenGL version 1.1 or later won’t run on Windows 10 on ARM and games that rely on anticheat technology won’t be able to run as well.

The full details of the entire list are available from the cached version. It’s yet to be confirmed precisely when the Windows 10 on ARM devices promised by the likes of HP and Lenovo will hit the market.

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