The humble paper airplane is something that most of us as kids would have made and tossed around for fun. However if you recall, several years ago a company by the name of PowerUp announced a smartphone-controlled paper airplane, which is basically a hi-tech take on a childhood classic.

Now for those who are interested in such a gadget, you might be interested to learn that PowerUp has since launched a campaign on Indiegogo for the Dart. Note that this is simply a conversion kit that you will have to attach to a paper airplane that you fold yourself, so if you were hoping for a fully-assembled unit you might be disappointed. Then again folding a paper plane isn’t exactly rocket science.


According to PowerUp, “The conversion kit that gives your paper airplanes superpowers. It’s simple- just fold a small paper plane, attach DART and turn up the controls on DART’s smartphone app to take flight in your backyard, office, or park.” Users can control the Dart with their phones, and tilting their wrists will allow the plane to turn and do tricks.

Users can also attach wheels to the plane which lets it land onto flat surfaces like a runway. The barebones version will cost $29 which includes the Dart module and two plane templates. Details on the campaign and now to pledge can be found on its Indiegogo site.

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