Samsung continues to work on the advancement of 5G technology. It has demonstrated its capabilities multiple times and this time around, Samsung demonstrated its first 5G tablet prototype with Verizon and South Korean carrier KT. The demonstration involved a video call made using the prototype tablet over a 5G network. The companies conducted a successful live video call over 5G between Minneapolis, USA and Seoul, Korea during a “sponsored sport event,” which was obviously the Super Bowl.


The live video call over 5G was made possible by Samsung’s 5G end-to-end solutions in each location. It supplied the network infrastructure that composed of 28GHz 5G access units, 5G home routers, the virtualized core network, and the working prototype of a 5G tablet. The video call was conducted by the chairmen and CEOs from KT and Verizon.

Samsung mentions in the press release that the prototype 5G tablet it used for this purpose is fully functional and is capable of running on multi-gigabit per second speeds on 5G networks. It also supports the latest 4G LTE network speeds and is capable of supporting data session handovers between 4G LTE and 5G.

Samsung, Verizon, and KT continue to work closely on 5G research and development. They have been working on this since 2015 in Verizon’s 5G Technical Forum and KT’s PyeongChang 5G Special Interest Group.

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