One of the upsides of buying into the Apple ecosystem is that they’ve all been designed to work seamlessly together. For example pairing the AirPods with the iPhone is considerably easier and faster than conventional Bluetooth pairing methods, and we’ve seen Apple apply this to a variety of products, such as sharing WiFi, setting up a new Apple TV, and so on.


The same has also been applied to the HomePod which should have been a cinch, but unfortunately for some users they have been running into issues trying to set it up. This is according to several posts on Apple’s Communities website as well as the MacRumors forum. There doesn’t seem to be a specific problem as the posts appear to be varied in terms of problems that users are experiencing.

For example some are getting error -6722, while some are claiming that the errors they were getting were claiming that their WiFi is incompatible and must be on WPA/WPA2. There is no guarantee workaround for these problems, but the one that seems to work more often than not is restarting the entire setup process from scratch.

It has recently been suggested that the HomePod has actually been shipped with a beta version of iOS which we wonder might have affected its setup process. In any case it is unclear how widespread of a problem this is, but hopefully Apple has picked up on it and are working to address some of them in future devices.

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