HBO has finally released the much-awaited Westworld season 2 trailer. Fans of this series have been anxious to find out how the story progresses in the coming season following the events of the first season. HBO aired the Westworld season 2 trailer during an ad spot that aired yesterday amongst the Super Bowl LII madness.


It was a pretty significant move on HBO’s part to reveal the first Westworld season 2 trailer during the big game as it was the cable giant’s first Super Bowl commercial in two decades.

HBO wrapped up the first season of Westworld with quite a few twists in the story and it left many unanswered questions. Fans will certainly be hoping to get some clarity on all of that with the upcoming season.

Some familiar faces from the first season make an appearance in the Westworld season 2 trailer. They include Maeve Millay played by Thandie Newton and Dolores Abernathy portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood. Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard Lowe makes an appearance in the trailer as well.

There aren’t a lot of details available about the upcoming season at this point in time. It’s unclear if the new season is going to adopt the same non-linear storytelling dynamic as the first season.

Do keep in mind that not all of the footage from this trailer might make its way to the actual season. Entertainment Weekly reports that Jonathan Nolan shot some footage exclusively for this trailer. Westworld season 2 premiere April 22nd on HBO.

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